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Tailor Terms & Conditions

⭐Fitted Services

Fitted is a fashion-technology platform that empowers the best tailors to improve their work and earn up to 3x their base pay. We host the Tailor Aptitude Test ("TAT") to assess tailor skill, and offer order management and fulfillment services to the best candidates. Below is a list of our offering:

  1. Design – provision of designs required from customer
  2. Measurements – provision of accurate measurements of the customer
  3. Fabric procurement – buying or picking up all aspects of fabric and any special accessories required for making of the product(s). We physically deliver this to the Tailor
  4. Payment – managing collecting of the deposit and balance from customers for the sewing of the outfit(s)
  5. Delivery & Logistics – facilitating delivery of the final Product to the Customer from the Tailor’s location to the Customer’s location

 We utilize simple technology to improve your work. Our available channels for your interfacing are as follows:

  1. Phone, Whatsapp & Email - + 2349083680999 | info@fitted.ng | qa@fitted.ng
  2. USSD application - *347*384# - (Currently Under Development - available February 2021)
  3. Website (Under Development - available March 2021)


📦 How to process orders with Fitted

 Be sure to be available on your registered phone line and that you have access to your authorised email address. You cannot do your work without access to these at Fitted. If you have had any issue or need to change your line, submit a request to amend your details by sending a request to info@fitted.ng or calling + 2349083680999.

These are the steps to taking orders with Fitted:

  1. You receive a phone call with an order request. You can accept / decline the order
  2. Once you accept, 3 things will happen:
    1. You will be sent the order style & customisations by SMS. Go to the website to confirm the style visually
    2. You will be sent the customer measurements by SMS
    3. You will receive a delivery of the fabric to sew with (once you receive the fabric, a deposit will be paid into your account)
  3. You will have some time to sew
    1. 4 days if you are cutting your own patterns
    2. 2 days for pre-cut patterns
  4. Once you are done sewing, notify Fitted by any of our channels
  5. We will pick up the outfit from you
  6. We will perform quality checks (QA) on the outfit.
    1. If it passes, you get your balance
    2. If it fails more than 3 times, you forfeit your balance. Check the Alteration and Penalties sections for more
  7. Would you like to use the Fitted platform to process your own orders? Send us a message to do so


💵 Pricing

Buba & Sokoto: N 7,000

Agbada: N 10,000 (without embroidery)

Kaftan: N 8,000

Others (individual shirts / trousers): N 3,500

Embroidery: N 2,750

Fila: N1,000


💵 Payment Structure

Each order will be paid in 2 parts - a deposit to mobilize your work, and a balance upon completion of the outfit to Fitted standard. You will be paid 50% of the outfit price as deposit upon receipt of the fabric

You will be paid 50% balance upon successful conclusion of "Quality Assessment"


🔎Fitted Quality Assessment (QA)

All your outfits will be subjected to rigorous quality assessment. This will help self-motivated tailors to keep improving their work. A series of checks across defects, style, fit and finishing will be performed on all parts of an outfit. Each outfit's quality will be rated out of 100%. A report of the result of the quality assessment will be shared with you. The email to contact for all Quality Assurance matters is qa@fitted.ng.

Unless your order scores over 90% on our Quality Assessment questions, Fitted will not accept your outfit. You will be expected to correct all areas for a maximum of 3 attempts, after which your outfit will be permanently rejected.


🧵 Alterations

Alteration responsibility is ultimately up to the tailor. However, if a customer's location is too far to make alteration feasible by the same tailor, then an alteration tailor will be found and the balance used to fund their work.


🚫 Penalties

Penalty charges may be charged on outfits that do not meet quality standards or do not fit the customer.

  • QA Pass: 100% payment of balance
  • QA Fail (less than 3 times): 100% payment of balance
  • QA Fail (over 3 times): 50% payment of balance
  • Late outfit (over 12 hours late): 0% of balance