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What is Fitted?

Fitted is a fast-growing fashion brand that produces custom clothing. We exist to transform the fashion model in high-growth markets where custom wear is common-place and custom-tailoring is a part of the culture for its nationals. Our current market for production is Sub-Saharan Africa, and our primary customers are Africans (local and in the US / European diaspora). In many frontier economies, customers’ need for reliable, traditional apparel isn’t met sufficiently because of production issues (individual tailor capacity and ready to wear facilities can’t produce these styles in bulk). People living abroad still want those clothes though! So Fitted is set up to bridge that gap and improve lives. By powering production on a platform built of vetted tailors and fabric sellers, we are able to help small hold workers earn up to3xtheir regular earnings with us. All while giving any African / diaspora interested person absolutely stunning, hand-crafted outfits.


What we want

We are looking for an exceptional customer service rep with tailoring & pattern cuttering experience to work at Fitted. Fitted’s goal is to offer mass-market customized clothing, therefore requiring each customer to have a pattern. For this, Fitted is reconstructing the fashion value chain, and we are looking for an open-minded thinker to be a customer-facing representative of the brand who also brings innovation on optimal management of production of outfits for customers. Candidates who are familiar with traditional Nigerian-style apparel will have an advantage. If you are obsessed with great design, love technology, have wanted to join a Startup, or wondered how you could use your skills to effect lasting change as a trend setter, then we might be perfect for you.


Requirements & Skills

  1. Tailoring:Excellent tailoring skills. We want someone who has experience commercially sewing outfits for customers, knows best practice for custom clothing, is adept at measuring and is skilled at sewing outfits of different styles and ideally for both sexes (we plan to launch for ladies soon). You may have to make alterations on behalf of tailors in this role
  2. Pattern drafting: A very good understanding of how patterns work with the human body.cutting and grading patterns in the required materials. Excellent candidates will always double-check the pattern dimensions and style. Tweaking patterns as required for optimum fit and comfort. A
  3. Communication skills & report writing:To succeed in this role, candidates will be required to have excellent written and oral communication. You will be required to produce reports evaluating different items (fabric supplier quotes, dispatch rider bids), and also keep notes of meetings and decisions. Without a meticulous, disciplined, self-motivated person with innate curiosity about the fashion, business, and media world, you are likely to struggle in this position. This opportunity is well suited to people who are good at keeping documentation as well as being excellent tailors, and we welcome all ambitious candidates who can operate in a high-pressure environment with deadlines and big rewards.


Terms & Preferences

Work: Part-time + Full-time roles available

Salary range:  Competitive remuneration

Experience:up to 3 years professional experience cutting patterns for a variety of men’s clothing. Experience with women’s clothing is a strong bonus.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in pattern drafting / fashion design preferred

Fitting Specialist Application Form

Due to restricted movements in States around Nigeria, we have opted to offer new tailors the chance to perform the Tailor Aptitude Test ("TAT") at a location where they can freely use a sewing machine (home, school, or office, whichever minimizes movement the most). You will be required to buy your own fabric for the test, but we will send an invigilator to you to carry out the exam