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Get your custom outfit made in 4 - 7 days. Global delivery available


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For Tailors


💵 Earn More, Stress Less

Fitted is a platform that offers order management services to the best tailors. Those who pass our Tailor Aptitude Test ("TAT") can earn hassle free income from sewing for Fitted, in exchange for us handling logistics, measurement and fabric procurement for all orders. Join the network helping tailors make up to 3x their net pay.


 🛒Fitted Services

Fitted is a fashion-technology platform that empowers the best tailors to improve their work and earn up to 3x their base pay. We host the Tailor Aptitude Test ("TAT") to assess tailor skill, and offer order management and fulfillment services to the best candidates. Below is a list of our offering:
  1. ✔️Design: provision of designs required from customer

  2. ✔️Measurements: provision of accurate measurements of the customer
  3. ✔️Fabric procurement: buying or picking up all aspects of fabric and any special accessories required for making of the product(s). We physically deliver this to the Tailor
  4. ✔️Payment:managing collecting of the deposit and balance from customers for the sewing of the outfit(s)
  5. ✔️Delivery & Logistics: facilitating delivery of the final Product to the Customer from the Tailor’s location to the Customer’s location


🧵 How it works

  1. Sign up at (link below)
  2. Register for the Tailoring Aptitude Test ("TAT")
  3. Take the TAT
  4. Start taking orders (to understand how we work, view our Terms & Conditions below)


🔍Quality Assessment

  • QA is Fitted's contribution to the fashion value chain. We help the best tailors get truly excellent. Whatever your product preference, you can rely on our QA to spot the areas where you can improve your craftsmanship and skills
  • Every single outfit through our portals undergoes QA to ensure we're giving the customer a phyiscal experience as flawless as their digital one.
  • If your outfit fails QA, alterations must be made to meet the customer specification within 24 hours. Your QA report failure will result in a category as follows:


  • ✂️Corrections policy:

    1. Minor issues: Fitted will correct errors with your outfits at no more than N500 extra cost (deductible from your balance)
    2. Major issues:Fitted will return the outfit to you for alteration and correction. Your outfit will have to undergo and pass QA again. You must complete the corrections and alterations within 24 hours of QA failure. Your order will have to undergo QA again once completed. You will bear the cost of the additional sewing and transportation (up to total balance)


📋Apply to Fitted as a tailor

🤝🏿 View our Terms & Conditions