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Sell additional 10 - 20 orders per week by selling on Fitted with just your phone and USSD

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Expand your market (shift more volumes)

Get instant credit alert when you accept Fitted orders by phone

Stay organized with records of the fabric you sell to us

Out-perform counterparts who short-change customers. Get rewarded for your honest work with higher ratings and consistent orders

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How it works

Receive a call from Fitted

"Hello, Fitted needs to purchase 6 yards of cotton fabric. Press 1 to accept this order or 2 to decline"

Accept the Order

SMS + Email confirmations of the order will be sent to you at your agreed price. Your fabric will go through a Fitted quality check upon delivery to us

Instant pay to your wallet

Get a credit alert for the fabric immediately. Our tailors and Specialists will inspect this fabric quality out of 5 stars (texture & bleed test)

Handover fabric to Fitted agent

Mark your order as done via our USSD app. Remember to supply the quality as agreed in the Fabric Bible or your account will me terminated

Fitted role in


Consolidating the highly fragmented fabric market to improve customer’s selection from the comfort of home


Introducing accountability to fabric merchants by introducing rating of each fabric purchased by tailors or our own staff


Aligning incentives of fabric sellers and tailors for customers' benefits (tailors rated for quality of tailoring, fabric sellers rated for quality of fabric)

Reduce Waste

Improving circularity in African fashion by reducing waste and fabric fraud

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