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Breast Pocket

The Isiagu, also called Chieftaincy, is a pullover shirt worn traditionally by the Igbo people of Nigeria. It is similar to the dashiki. It is usually chosen on special occasions like weddings - and the shirt may be long or short sleeved. Some shirts have gold buttons that are linked by a chain, and there is typically a breast pocket on the front. Traditionally, the Isiagu was given to a man when he received a chieftaincy title. The shirt is usually worn with a red fez hat or the Igbo leopard cap. The leopard cap is known as Okpu Agu in the Igbo language. Order from Fitted and receive complementary multi-purpose trousers with your outfit.


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Fitted utilizes proprietary size verification on all orders, meaning we measure 21 point measurements relative to your sizing choices as part of out standard Quality Assessment framework. Curious to learn more? Read how we're bringing order to the sizing issue in the custom-clothing industry in Africa.

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Washable in numerous methods

  • For hot water wash — ensure you dry with a warm tumble dryer
  • For cool water wash — either tumble dry or air dry the product
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Fabric choice

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  • Isiagu- 100% cotton & 100% Velvet  & 100% cotton fabric

  • Isiagu cotton/Velvet (top)
  • Cotton (trousers)


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